Great Ireland Adventure – Goodbye Sweet Ireland

20160718_015210Sonja is flying back to Northern California and I’m flying back to SoCal so we’re on different flights heading home. (Sad faces!)



20160718_021729We got our bags checked quickly enough but then we had to get through security, a homeland security kiosk, another security, and finally a chat with the homeland security agent before finally making it to our gates, but not before stopping to savor a quick shot (I mean, sample) and take a moment to reflect on our time in Ireland.

2016-07-18-04-41-37--302087197As we were going through security we noticed Lizard Man in line behind us. Sonja joked that he was probably going to end up sitting next to her on the flight. Turns out he’s on my flight instead. Thankfully I’m not sitting next to him but Sonja sure got a kick out of it. She said that was my payback for ditching her and flying international first class back home.


20160718_041041Can I just say, international first class…it’s pretty freaking awesome! I’m sitting here with my footrest up and a glass of wine nearby. We’ve had a salad, an entrée, a cheese course, sundaes, cookies and another “light” snack. I had to pass on a few courses because I was worried they’d have to roll me off the plane. I’m flying into Newark where I’ll be hanging out in the First Class Lounge for 3 hours before catching my connecting flight.

The flight into Newark turned out to be the bumpiest flight I’ve ever been on. There was a major thunderstorm in the area and for the first time in my flying history I was actually looking around to make sure there was a little bag in the seat pocket in front of me.

20160718_170017 We arrived early into Newark but the airport was a mess because of all outbound the flight delays. Long story short…my flight was delayed getting out and I didn’t get home until after 11:00PM. The one redeeming factor was that the sky was breathtaking and I got a lot of great pictures.

This little traveler is tired! Unfortunately there will be no rest for the weary because I’m back on mom-duty bright and early tomorrow morning.

Good-bye sweet Ireland; I can’t wait to return.

Dublin Pub Crawl stats:
Steps: 7,987
Miles: 3.48

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