Marathon weekend has officially arrived

ED0115185433Marathon weekend officially launched last night with the Heroes of the Marathon celebration. One of the things I really love about this event is that it’s such a close, family event. I got to see several of the elite runners but didn’t get a chance to talk to any of them. I did get to catch up with my adorable girlfriend, Liz, and her hubby Tim. I’ve known them for about 10 years and this marathon has become a bit of an annual tradition for us. Her charity, Donate Life/Lifesharing, staffs the mile next to mine so we get to be partners in crime every year.

I also got to hang with the Flanagan Clan, who happen be the race owners/directors and world-class, amazing friends/sisters/neighbors. (Not officially sisters yet but Liz and I keep trying to be named honorary Flanagan’s. I think we’re in as long as they can’t find us to serve the restraining order.)12573230_10207035320099395_4922490176523796794_n

I hope you’ll take a minute to read about Lynn Flanagan and In Motion Events! She’s an inspiration and a role model to her family, friends, and the race community.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for the moment. I’m off to get sign-making supplies, drop the Cambro’s off at Starbucks, and pick up bagels & shmears for tomorrow.

Let the fun begin!

Too busy for my nervous breakdown

Countdown to @RunCarlsbad: 131 days

Happy Labor Day everyone! While the rest of you were enjoying your beer & BBQ I’ve been slaving away doing homework. I had three things on my to-do list for this weekend, in no particular order:

  1. Study and take a test for my Nutrition class.
  2.  Do the dishes that have been piling up while I studied for my test.
  3. Go to the grocery store to stock up on food since I’ve been too busy studying for my test to get groceries.

I’m pleased to say that everything on my list is now checked off. I’m a little annoyed that I only got a ‘B’ on the test though. It was much harder than I expected and I’m glad it’s over. If I never see another salivary amylase, hepatic portal vein or epiglottis again it will be too soon. Up next…Carbohydrates. Yay!

Saturday we970f2016be986c999a0491dbfb0f14das a cheat day and it may or may not have trickled over into Sunday. Thankfully I got my shit act together and went to the store today so I’m stocked up on healthy food choices for the week.

Last night when I was walking the dog I ran into one of the owners of In Motion Fit and had a great chat about my knee issues. She was very encouraging and gave me a few suggestions. The best part is that she’s confident that I still have enough time to train so I’m not giving up yet. I’m going to try and get into P/T for a few weeks and see if that helps. I also got a knee brace and some tape. Fingers crossed I can do a short jog tomorrow and test things out.


I’m enjoying every morsel of downtime remaining today because starting tomorrow life will be going at warp speed until mid-January. Three major events, several smaller events, a huge PR and fundraising campaign, year-end, the holidays, 10 days in Ireland and more. Obviously my nervous breakdown is getting pushed back yet again.

The most important thing happening this week is my daughter’s 16th birthday. I cannot believe she’s already 16 because it seems like just last week we were bringing her home from the hospital.  I got her the best gift ever and cannot wait to give it to her. (No, it’s not a car. However, I’m dying to buy her a Vespa with a sidecar for her tuba. How cool would that be?)

The 2nd most important thing happening this week…attending the launch party for the LAFD Foundation’s 2016 Firefighter Calendar. Calm down, it’s just market research for my project next year. If you’re itching to get your hands on a firefighter calendar that supports the men and women of LAFD then click here to pre-order. Fingers crossed you’ll be ordering one for SDFD next year! (Yes, I have the best job EVER!)

On that note…let me leave you with a little Monday Motivation before I potty the dog and hunt down a glass of wine.

Maybe the difference between the people who can and who can’t has nothing to do with their bodies. Maybe the difference is what’s in their dreams. -Jennifer Graham, Confessions of a Fat Runner

So what’s in your dream? How do you stay focused and on course when you want to throw in the towel?

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Getting started is the hardest (and most time consuming) part

Countdown to @RunCarlsbad: 147 days

I slept in this morning and didn’t cardio donejoin the running posse for our In Motion Fit group run but I did manage to get in my 4-miles on the treadmill. It’s way too hot to be running outside unless you’re willing to get up at o’dark-thirty and these days I’m just not a morning person.

It took awhile to get into my rhythm but once I did it was easy. It started something like this: Where did I put my water bottle? What? I cannot believe my iPod isn’t charged. Where the heck did I put my iPod charger? Do I need to go to the bathroom? I should probably go. Is that an itch on my foot? I should probably take off my shoe and scratch that because it’s going to bother me if I don’t. Did I go to the bathroom? Darn, forgot my towel. Hmmm…that fan isn’t blowing quite where I want it to so I’d better shift it before I get going. Okay, I think we’re ready.

Last night I wrapped up my first assignment for my nutrition class. One week down, 15 weeks to go. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

67ee6db9069f0c3ad85aaa4e1189dceeOn that note, it’s time to hit the shower and enjoy the rest of my relaxing Saturday. I think I’ve earned a glass of wine tonight.

Did you get your long run in this weekend? Do you prefer to do your long runs with others or alone?

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A hill of beans and my plumbing certificate

Countdown to @RunCarlsbad: 167 days

Yesterday was a scheduled group training run and I set my alarm for 6:20 a.m. so I’d have time for a cup of coffee before heading over to meet up with the In Motion Fit group. I even honored the “Friday Dry Day” code and skipped my evening glass of wine. Unfortunately, I turned off the alarm when it went off and rolled back over. I ended up sleeping until 10:00 a.m.! I NEVER sleep that late! More surprising was the fact that my kids actually let me sleep that late. I found out they were planning on checking on me a little later just to make sure I hadn’t died in my sleep. It’s comforting to know they weren’t going to let my dead body rot for too long.


The fast, easy, fun way to better dental health for the whole family!

Since a morning run was not in the cards so I figured I’d have a relaxing day instead…until I decided to attach the new QuickBreeze Dental Oral Irrigator (basically a knock-off version of the WaterPik) to the bathroom faucet. I thought it would be nice because I could “quickly and easily” attach it to the  bathroom faucet and not have to worry about the big, bulky water reservoir sitting on the counter top. Plus it was only $24 so I bought one for upstairs and downstairs.

Here's what the old faucet looked like when I finally got it off the sink. Wasn't pretty but I conquered!

Here’s what the old faucet looked like when I finally got it off the sink. Wasn’t pretty but I conquered!

In the end it cost me a trip to Home Depot, $48 for a new faucet, and about 4 hours of labor and it still doesn’t work right. Needless to say they’re both going back and I’ve already ordered a standard WaterPik. That said, I did manage to replace a water faucet all by my ownself. Add that to the number of toilets I’ve repaired and I think I now qualify for my plumbers certificate. I’m going to look into that…

In the middle all of that fun I ended up with a house full of hungry teenagers so I did a quick run for Mexican takeout for lunch. Mind you, I only get Mexican when I know I’m not running…for obvious reasons. 🙂

After several hours of back and forth I 4eae5025df07599411d31ec25669eaa2finally decided to tackle my 3-mile run so I could relax today. The weather was a little cooler and the sun was just starting to set so it really was lovely outside. Well…with the exception of the hills…lots of hills…and the bean tostada. That’s really all I’m going to say about that.

All in all a good day and I’m on schedule with my training program.

Sidebar: My running posse (aka Team Que Syrah Syrah) is in full swing and busy raising money for one of our favorite charities–San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation.  Check out our website and please consider making a donation. And don’t miss the WYCSTQSSAECS page. You can earn cool stuff just for making a donation. New promotions and challenges are being added each week so check back often.

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My coach is a liar and I never joke about diapers and coconut bras

Countdown to @runcarlsbad: 174 days

Saturday was my first group run for the new season of In Motion Fit training and I dragged my sorry butt out of bed to be there. Unfortunately my running posse hasn’t quite bought into the whole concept of “Friday dry day” yet so it was a little harder than I anticipated. Not to mention that I didn’t have the correct time so I showed up almost an hour early. One of the coaches was trying to get some folks together to do a “short run around the block” while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive and after being asked several times I finally gave in and agreed. Now, I don’t know what you think when you hear ‘around the block’ but I can assure you that not once did doing a THREE MILE RUN cross my mind. That’s right, the damn coach took us out on a THREE MILE RUN to warm up for our TWO MILE training run. Seriously? I was not amused!! If Coach Greg (if he really is a coach) ever asks you to join him for a ‘short run around the block’ just be warned that he’s a liar and it’s a trap!

However, I came across this on the run and I’m not going to lie…I did find it amusing! I was telling one of my friends about it and she thought I was joking until I showed her the picture. Let’s face it, diapers and coconut bras are not something anyone should joke about…especially at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. Poor kids were part of a high school choir initiation. I told them they should join band instead but then someone told me that all the sex happens in the band room and now I’m going to have to pull my kids out of band…and apparently I’m also going to have to watch American Pie.

Last week was brutal at work and between that and a huge final in my communications class I didn’t get in any running. I submitted my final exam at 11:09 last night and promised the kids that today was going to be Sunday Funday. We went to a nearby park and walked around the lake, fed the ducks, then I took them to the trampoline park. It was already 85-degrees when we got to the park so I walked for 30 minutes for my cross training. My plan is to run 20 minutes tomorrow and also take my kettlebell class tomorrow night. The schedule also calls for intervals on Tuesday and hills on Thursday then 3 miles on Saturday. I made the mistake of posting my training schedule and for some reason my kids have decided they’re my conscience. Who taught them to ready anyway? My son reprimanded me today about my ‘cross training’ because evidently a 30 minute walk doesn’t count.

I’m totally stoked about the running team because I love them all so much. They keep me motivated to stay on track with my training AND they’re helping raise funds for our San Diego firefighters. How can you not love that?

Our last team meeting may or may not have involved this…FB_IMG_1437968164871  and this…IMG_20150724_211822

We were super excited when we got this donated for our upcoming fundraisers…IMG_20150722_205319

Looking back, I’m patting myself on the back for actually keeping the commitment I made to myself of going back to school, not to mention turning in a 28 page paper on time. Looking ahead, I’m determined to meet my training goals this week. I’m not looking ahead for the next six months, just one day, one run at a time. I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite coaches/runners,  John “The Penguin” Bingham: Your unique combination of talent and motivation, discipline and dedication, become the tools with which you build the person you most want to be. And that’s not bad.

What are you doing to become the person you most want to be? Are you taking leaps and bounds or baby steps?

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We’re getting the team back together

Countdown to @runcarlsbad: 182 days

Today was the official start of my training for the 2016 Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon…and it POURED. We’re talking massive rain complete with thunder and lightning. Needless to say we didn’t run but we did get to meet up with our running team at In Motion Fit for some motivation. This year is going to be great because I have four friends (so far) who are running the race with me. Well, when I say “with me” I mean they’re going to be waiting for me when I cross the finish line because they’re actual runners and we’ve established that I’m more of a trotter. Regardless, I have a posse this year and it’s going to be fun. That’s us right before the big race last year (I’m the cute one).

Sidebar: I realized as I was dragging myself out of bed this morning at the crack of dawn (and some lightning) that when you’re the pseudo-leader of a running team you’re expected to show up…rain or shine…so I showed up.

11222964_10153244302262949_2424042631320267130_nOur team kind of forget the rule that “Friday is dry day” when you’re training for a marathon so we may have indulged a little last night. In fact, one of our teammates brought out the big guns…a bottle of DOM! I’ve never had it before and it was the perfect way to end a busy week. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the gorgeous weather, lots of laughs, and maybe a little wine. I was also showered with birthday presents so I was feeling pretty dang special. I seriously have the best friends in the whole world.

Now, back to the race. Our team is running to raise funds for the San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation and our world-class firefighters. The men and women of the San Diego Fire-RescuPES2e Department put their lives on the line every day responding to hundreds of emergency calls in San Diego and the surrounding region. They respond to fires, medical aide, traffic accidents, cliff rescues, confined space rescues, water rescues, hazardous waste spills, bomb threats, and so much more. Basically, the only 9-1-1 calls they don’t respond to are calls that only require law enforcement. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help purchase Personal Escape Systems (PES) for every firefighter in San Diego. I’ll be sharing more information about this in the coming weeks but in the meantime, check out the picture of the firefighter demonstrating the use of a PES to escape out a window. It’s not often you can say you saved the life of a firefighter but the funds we raise will go to purchase these lifesaving tools that may one day save a the life of a firefighter and I think that’s pretty cool.

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Oops…I did it again!

Countdown to @runcarlsbad: 187 days

That’s right folks…I’m doing it again and this time I have a team running with me. Our training with In Motion Fit starts Saturday so it looks like it’s really happening. To put this in perspective here’s what one of my teammates said about our first training run: We show up, say “put us in the slowest group” and go home. We got this.

Our team is running to raise funds for the San Diego firefighters and I’ll be giving updates along the way.

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